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What is Art Therapy?  

Art therapy is a mental health profession using art materials, the creative process, and the created artwork within the therapy relationship. Making artwork can help you explore feelings and emotions, improve self-awareness, manage behavior or addictions, enhance social skills, brainstorm and set goals, or reduce anxiety.

A primary objective in art therapy is to improve or restore your functioning and sense of personal well being. Your art therapist will consider your goal(s) and a combination of psychological theory, art therapy counseling intervention and art materials to help guide you in your creative process.

Art Therapy is...

  • Focused on personal expression rather than artistic production.
  • Something anyone can do who is open to the creative process.
  • An alternate way to work on recovery and treatment issues.

Art Therapy is not...

  • Focused on making a specific project.
  • An art class from an art teacher.
  • An arts and crafts activity.
  • Only for people with artistic skills.
  • Diagnosing someone by interpreting their drawings.

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