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Individual therapy for Highly Sensitive People

I help HSPs (highly sensitive people) who are struggling with fully understanding themselves to find their fit in the world through therapeutic relationship.

All your life you have wondered why you just didn't like loud noises, or you were often told that you "were too sensitive." Maybe you cried a lot or just didn't get that 1:1 attention you craved.

Somehow you have been directed to read Dr. Elaine Aron's book The Highly Sensitive Person or take the test online and you realize that this is you. You never knew such a term existed but it fits you to a T.

The hard part is accepting how you have gone all your life without realizing this and now figuring out how to adjust your sensitivity needs to the world...without feeling so sensitive. Maybe you don't feel heard by the people in your life or maybe they are only partially hearing you. You have important thoughts and ideas yet the people you care about the most don't seem to be listening.

As a fellow HSP, I am familiar with the nuances that many HSPs feel on a daily basis. While a therapist does not necessarily have to have gone through all the same experiences as their client in order to fully provide help and support, there are some comforts in knowing that another has found the world overwhelming at times.

When I work with people who are struggling with their sensitivity, therapy becomes focused on identifying the things that you find overwhelming (your feelings, noise, taking things personally, needing to plan in advance, to name a few) to process through what is working and what isn't. Finding what is overwhelming, then how to manage or minimize chaotic intrusions and create a peaceful environment where you need it most.


Individual therapy for highly sensitve people
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